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Bryan Pettit – Mortgage Broker

I am the mortgage planner/owner of First Fidelity Financial Services. For the past 19 fantastic years I have constantly and deliberately built the best mortgage planning firm to exclusively serve the homeowners of Salt Lake Valley. Today First Fidelity is a steadily growing company of individuals who oversee the transactional details on each mortgage. Each person on my team comes to work daily and completely prepared in our state of the art office located in West Jordan Utah. Learn more about us.







Excitement runs through the air, as you embark on your home purchase. The possibilities seem endless as you decide where you want to plant yourself and your family. Take First Fidelity Financial Services as your guide as you navigate through options, interest rates, and strategies that can impact your short and long term financial future. We have the experience to ensure that you enjoy a smooth transition into home ownership. Read more.


Have you seen a drop in interest rates since you first purchased your home? Has your credibility improved with a pay increase, or a significant decrease in debt to income ratio? At First Fidelity Financial Services we love helping homeowners refinance their existing mortgage to take advantage of the best possible program or rate. It is a privilege to guide your wealth building strategy of refinancing your mortgage, Learn more.



The kids have moved out, your body has slowed down, and you are ready to journey towards retirement. Taking a look at your home as an asset rather than a nest can help you reach your financial goals in your senior years. First Fidelity Financial Services can help you fund the right financing for your changing home needs, whether that means purchasing a home in a senior community, refinancing your current loan, or implementing a reverse mortgage. Read on.