Flight Plan

Basic sketch of your flight plan:

Pre-Qualification/Loan Consultation
● Loan application/overview of loan programs
● Obtain documentation from you in order to process your loan.

Prepare File For Underwriting
Order necessary documentation from 3rd parties, i.e. credit report, appraisal, preliminary title report, etc.
● Obtain any paperwork still needed from you.
● Address any problems and/or conflicting information once all documentation has been gathered.

Loan Submission
Assemble loan package and submit to underwriting for approval.

Conditional Loan Approval /Full Approval
● Notify you of your approval!
● Remove any conditions or contingencies that underwriting may place on your file.

● Complete loan package is reviewed.
● Funds are transferred by wire to the title company and then disbursed.

● Title company records the Note and Deed of Trust at the County Recorder’s office.
Your loan process is now complete!!

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