Case Studies

Who have I done this for?

The clients that I normally work with are called Five-Star Clients. In fact, Craig and Michelle are great examples of Five-Star Clients. They were referred to me by Troy Campbell. Craig and Michelle were friendly and they knew what they wanted to accomplish. They wanted to work with me, and they were open to counsel and advice. They came to my office and we met a conference room so that we were free from distractions. If I needed any supporting documentation for their loan, I asked them for it and they promptly and courteously gave it to me.

Craig and Michelle gave me permission to ask them thought-provoking questions regarding their money and personal finances so that I knew fully their goals and dreams regarding money. They respected the analysis that I gave them as well as the loan options I presented to them. They discussed all of their options, and they were able to make a decision together on what they felt was the best loan program for their current financial position, needs, and desires.

When their process was complete, we celebrated the closing of their loan. Craig and Michelle referred me to a number of their closest friends and family members, four of whom I’ve met with and provided mortgage planning services for. Together we shared a professional, low-drama, low-stress mortgage experience, and the Craig and Michelle truly had a life-changing experience as they allowed me to guide them through a world of financial options!


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