Character Sketch

Character: People can count on me because my “word is my bond.” They know that I am genuine and authentic and what you see is what you get. I have a positive happy attitude and I want to do what is right for my family and clients. If I say it will be done, it’s done I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my skills and learn from those around me.


“The one thing that has always stood out to me is how AUTHENTIC you are. You are GENUINE and SINCERE … something that is so rare to find in a day and age where everyone is more interested in putting on a façade or pretending to be something they are not.  You ARE WHO YOU ARE regardless of the circumstances or environment. You know your VALUES and you stand by them” – Todd Asbell


Faith and Risk: I am a spiritual person relying on God for my help. When I make a decision I then move forward with that decision not knowing how it will turn out. When I put my mind to it I’ll accomplish the goal through my persistent hard effective work because I can clearly identify the problem and then figure out a way to solve the problem by putting the pieces together and sticking with the goal diligently for a long period of time.


“You are a natural at figuring out what a problem is and creating steps to fixing it. You are a good thinker and system builder.  You are a sharer, a giver…when you find something good, you make it better and pass it on. You give everyone the benefit of the doubt.” – Tonja Masina


“You don’t miss a beat, when you commit to something you commit all the way. You do not deal in the shady.  What you see is what you get.  That is a rare quality in today’s world.” – Dave Freiss


Leadership: When I’m in charge you know everything will work out because I will think it through and what I say is as good as done. I inspire others to do better and to be better. I’m humble and energetic yet I have the ability to sense what will work out best for the client. I am a problem solver who’s goal oriented and is an excellent communicator having a charisma that is magnetic to others.


“You are at the top of the list of people that inspire me. You have a gift of connecting with people that is SPECIAL. There is just something magnetic about you and people are drawn to you. Every time I have a chance to visit with you I walk away feeling better of about myself and my life … and that is a TRUE GIFT.” – Todd Asbell



Others are better when associating with me. 


Trust/Honesty/Integrity: I have the ability to quickly develop trust with those I come in contact with because I present myself as a trusted person. When  I commit to something I  commit to it all the way because I’m the real deal and people like and trust me. The self confidence that I have in what I am teaching others helps them feel confident and trust what I recommend to them. I’m a trusting person I trust what people say they will do.


“You don’t miss a beat, when you commit to something you commit all the way. You do not deal in the shady.  What you see is what you get.  That is a rare quality in today’s world.” – Dave Freiss


“You are one of the most honest people I have ever meet.  I say that because I have watched you, and observed they way you deal with others.  in my opinion trust is the most important attribute one can posses.  It defines your very character.” – Troy Campbell


“You are the REAL DEAL and when people connect with you … they know it and they have confidence in what you say. I have a belief that every time we “sell out” or somehow make a decision that goes against our inner moral code of integrity that we weaken our voice … I don’t know if I can think of anyone with a STRONGER voice than you. POWER that comes from being able to HONESTLY communicate with others and SPEAK THE TRUTH in all circumstances … because that is were true power lives.” – Todd Asbell


Relationship Building: I’m great at creating relationships because I come across as very sincere and phenomenal listener which helps the clients who feel like family and friends rather then clients know that I care about them and that I am an expert in my field. I am excellent at teaching my trade and my excellent memory for detail and sense of humor help the clients feel my positive aura and energy as a very positive person


“People want to do business with you before they know what business they are going to do simply because they like and trust you.” – Tom Pettit


“When helping new clients, especially inexperienced ones, you make yourself stand out as the absolute expert (your knowledge of the industry helps you stand out from the rest).  Also, you have a great ability to gain your client’s confidence quickly.  You relate well to others and seem to have a great memory for minor details in their lives.” – Kelly Carone


Money management: I am excellent at money management and creating wealth and know how to acquire it honestly because I am an expert in the mortgage financing field. Not only in what I teach, but in what I do by building up my own financial portfolio of investments.


“Understanding of money and how to acquire it honestly.” – Brett Butler

“thrifty – saves and builds up money.” – James Nordby


Organized: I have a daily schedule which helps alleviate down time and allows me to be totally focused on the important tasks in staying connected with my clients as they are clients for life.


“[Bryan has] great organizational skills and a precise daily schedule – down to the minute! He has persistent daily follow-up until the job at hand is completed.” – Brad and Linda Fellows


“Organized.  This baffles me.  I am the exact opposite of the word organized.  It does not exist in my brain.  You are able to be more effective due to your diligence in being organized.” – Troy Campbell


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