My Why

When I was 12 years old, my parents lost their dream home to the bank just ten months after they had finished building it. There were many reasons, but the foremost reason was lack of a truly competent advisor. The mortgage loan officer and the building contractor involved in completing the financing for their home didn’t treat my parents’ money as if it were their own. For one reason or another, they chose to delay closing on the home. As a result, they allowed the interest rate to jump from 6% to 17% percent back in the early 1980s, and did nothing to lock in a sustainable interest rate before the damage was done. In addition, my parents were given the advice of putting all of their liquid assets toward the down payment of their new home, thus depleting them of thousands upon thousands of dollars in liquid cash. Two months after they moved into their new home, my father lost his job, as was the sad case for many during this difficult period of time.The financial difficulties and stresses which ensued changed all of our lives, and were
naturally passed on from our parents to us as their children, even though they did the best they could not to involve us. Had the individual who put my parents’ loan together been an expert in proper equity management and advising, much of the financial pain my parents suffered for years afterward would have been alleviated and their financial story would have had a completely different ending. The challenges that we experienced as a family led me to become a student of money and proper financing so that I could make sound personal financial decisions, avoid the bitterness of true financial stress in my own life, and then help others do the same. My vast experience, knowledge, and education training have allowed me to offer valuable counsel and a superb array of options to my clients as their mortgage planning coach. I have been able to assist hundreds of individuals and couples in creating sound, stable financial habits and true wealth as they have been able to reach their own unique financial goals.