Quiz, Why me and what’s important to you?

What’s most important to you?
Of the following list of items, please circle the three statements which currently represents your highest financial priorities:
• Improve monthly cash flow
• Maximize retirement savings
• Maximize education savings
• Live comfortably on one income
• Create a comprehensive financial plan
• Create a 6–12 month cash reserve account
• Maximize investment contribution
• Maximize asset portfolio
• Live comfortably on a fixed income
• Determine the maximum purchase price and loan amount you can qualify for
• Determine purchase price and loan amount appropriate for current income and lifestyle
• Obtain a targeted monthly mortgage payment amount
• Purchase a home within a specific budget, down payment, and closing costs
• Maximize tax benefits
• Have the ability to pay-off or refinance without a penalty
• Avoid mortgage insurance
• Get completely out of debt

Why should you use me?
I don’t know if you should. In order to answer that question, I need to ask you three of
the most important questions you will answer during this consultation. I will ask the third question six to eight times (with variations). This is critical in order to truly understand you and where you are coming from.
1. Do you have any fears about going through this process?
2. What do you expect from me as your mortgage planner?
3. What’s important about buying/refinancing this home to you?
My Advice:
Let’s tailor-make a loan to meet your desires.

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