Just because you are nearing retirement, doesn’t mean you are out of choices. Thinking of your home as an asset, rather than a nest, can open up options about your finances and living situation, that you may not have considered.

  • We have helped hundreds of people who either need more cash flow, or who want to eliminate monthly expenses in order to live more comfortably on their existing retirement income.
  • We have even helped seniors get into housing that is more applicable to their life or health situation.
  • Read more about myths and facts about reverse mortgage.
  • Learn about the real couple, the Liddles, and how a reverse mortgage changed their financial trajectory.

A financial advisor’s makes a generational impact

We believe that to truly maximize wealth, you must employ the services of an advisor who truly knows and understands the hows and whys of money.  An advisor’s competence and advice have far-reaching impacts on the lives of not only the person(s) receiving the advice, but also on their children and grandchildren.

Bryan Pettit, FFFS founder explains,  “At 12 years old I witnessed my parents loose their dream home after ten short months of ownership because of the mistakes of their trusted financial advisors. Since then I have made it my life’s work to study, understand and share my knowledge about growing sustainable financial wealth through home ownership.”


For those over 62, here are a few options for using a reverse mortgage.

Our mortgage products for seniors include traditional lending options. As well, we work with seniors to utilize their home to their greatest financial asset.

  • A reverse mortgage can provide risk-free monthly income, without depleting the estate for progenitors.
  • A reverse mortgage allows a senior citizen the option to sell their existing home and move into a community without tapping into cash reserves, and never having to making a mortgage payment again.
  • A reverse mortgage can be used to modify an existing traditional mortgage, so that monthly payments are eliminated, freeing up monthly cash flow for living necessities and niceties! Neither person will ever have to make a mortgage payment again for the rest of both of their lives.

Many seniors have come back, thanking us for the work we have done with their reverse mortgage. For some, freeing up that extra $800, or $1200 a month, which was going to their mortgage payment, and is now going into their pocket, is the answer to the growing concern about cash flow.

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