I have worked with Bryan Pettit and First Fidelity Financial Services on two mortgages in the past two years.  Bryan worked overtime, explored all options, and found a way to “make it happen” when many others said they couldn’t.  Moreover, he beat all others in terms of interest rate and the “bottom line” cost of the mortgage.

I was transferred to Utah from California and wanted to hold on to my California residence.  Before working with Bryan, I spoke to several other lendings I had “looked up online.” Each of these other lenders assessed my financial situation and concluded the “numbers and ratios” wouldn’t allow me to keep the California house and still qualify to purchase a house in Utah.  Bryan assured me he was going to “explore all options” and try and find a way to make things work.  Because I work in law enforcement I commented that whatever solution he suggested it had to be absolutely “by the book.”  Bryan, said that was the ONLY way he does business.

Ultimately Bryan figured out a way for me to qualify for an FHA loan and keep the California house.  He advised that this would mean that I’d have to pay the required fees associated with an FHA mortgage but that after a year of rental income from the California house, I would be able to refinance out of the FHA mortgage into a conventional loan.  I was very pleased with this option which allowed by to hold on to the California house.  After a year in Utah I contacted Bryan and began the refinance process.  Before I engaged Bryan for that second mortgage, I extensively searched the Internet for the best and lowest interest rate and spoke to three other lenders.  I then asked Bryan to see what he could offer in terms of interest rate and closing costs.  Bryan’s initial quote significantly beat on interest rate and closing costs the best that I could find online.  More importantly, I received regular prompt and “think outside the box” service from Bryan to make the process a quick and smooth one.

I highly recommend Bryan Pettit and First Fidelity Financial Services.  He beats what you can find from larger mortgage lenders and the rates they advertise online while at the same time offering excellent and personalized service to make the process as smooth as possible.

Stephen B. Olsen